Recent Blood Test Results

New patients with existing hormone blood tests may be able to bypass taking our Quest Diagnostics hormone blood test. In order for our Doctors and patient care team to accept your existing panels, we take into consideration the following:

Criteria for consideration:
a. Accredited lab – The results should come from an accredited lab.
b. Recency – The results should be no older than 90 days.
c. Attributes measured – The attributes measured should be very close to the ones we require (Click Hormone Blood Test)

  • Male patients: Please note PSA and CBC values.
  • Female patients: Please note peri-menopausal patients test results should be have been completed between days 12 to 23 of a cycle. The optimal date is day 21. The day of a cycle does not apply to post-menopausal patients.

d. Method – The results should be from a blood test and not a saliva-based test.

Process to submit your existing blood test results:
1. Complete the on-boarding process (click on the green ‘Proceed to Enroll’ button: Get Started)
2. After enrollment, please email your results to:
3. Be sure to reference your Name and Patient ID# in the subject line.