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HRT Doctors is a nationwide Telemedicine Clinical Practice specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We are fully licensed and provide service to 38 states nationwide.

Our HRT doctors are experts in providing Hormone Replacement Therapy. $89.95 includes a comprehensive hormone blood test at your local Quest Diagnostics and an in-depth consultation with one of our board-certified doctors.

Our board-certified HRT doctors use Telemedicine to give convenient and more affordable access to Quality Care.

Our practice addresses both male and female patients.

Our clinical practice can provide guidance to new patients seeking hormone therapy options or existing patients that are simply looking to switch to a more convenient telemedicine-based practice.

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Board Certified HRT Doctors Available in 38 States Nationwide

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As the most trusted HRT Center, we have partnered with the nationwide laboratory, Quest Diagnostics, to provide accurate lab blood work testing for a comprehensive hormone blood test and testosterone test. Lab processing time typically takes 5 to 6 business days.

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How The HRT Program Works


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Complete Clinical Services Checkout For $89.95

This clinical services set-up fee covers your initial electronic medical record review, Quest Diagnostics laboratory services to determine your current hormone levels and other key wellness attributes, and your first virtual doctor’s visit.

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Complete Your Medical History

Provide our Board-Certified HRT Doctor’s with your medical history via our HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Complete Your Labs

We have partnered with the nationwide laboratory, Quest Diagnostics, to provide accurate lab testing and results. You can complete your blood test at any Quest Diagnostics nearby.

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Consult With Our Doctors

Our Board Certified HRT Doctors use telemedicine to give convenient and more affordable access to quality care. Our HRT physicians will consult with you to review your lab results, and discuss any current complaints, conditions, and symptoms . Based on the results of your consultation, the HRT Wellness physician will recommend the best treatment options.

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Home Treatment & Continued Patient Care

Your treatment prescriptions will be shipped directly to you. Our Patient Care Team will provide in-depth assistance as you begin and progress through your treatment plan.