Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy For Non-Cyclic, Post-Menopausal Women

Non-cyclic post-menopausal women have much to gain from our HRT program below.  It is not a coincidence that a healthy female cycle is 28 days.  It’s lunar.  So that’s what we do for post-menopausal women, is that we restore the lunar biorhythm.  Day 1 is on the new moon, day 14 the full moon, day 28 is the end of the lunar cycle.  This benefits bone, tissue, brain, and sexual health for our female patients.  The protocol would either be Female Balance or Balance Plus (which adds testosterone) depending on symptoms and labs.  E2 is ramped up and down for the full 28 days, Progesterone is used only during the last 15 days, with both dropping to minimal dosing by day 28.  See below for a typical hormone replacement therapy treatment calendar.  The calendar is typical of what we give to patients and reference clicks of each hormone for ease of use.  Note that one click is .25 mL of cream.

 E2/ T 10/1 mg/mLPro Cream 200 mg/mL
1.5 mL.5 mL  
2.5 mL.5 mL  
3.5 mL.5 mL  
4.5 mL.5 mL  
5.5 mL.5 mL  
6.5 mL.5 mL  
7.5 mL.5 mL  
8.5 mL.5 mL  
9.75 mL.75 mL  
10.75 mL.75 mL  
11.75 mL.75 mL  
12.75 mL.75 mL  
13.25 mL.25 mL.75 mL.75 mL
14.25 mL.25 mL.75 mL.75 mL
15.25 mL.25 mL.75 mL.75 mL
16.25 mL.25 mL.75 mL.75 mL
17.25 mL.25 mL1.25 mL1.25 mL
18.25 mL.25 mL1.25 mL1.25 mL
19.25 mL.25 mL1.25 mL1.25 mL
20.25 mL.25 mL1.25 mL1.25 mL
21.5 mL.5 mL.75 mL.75 mL
22.5 mL.5 mL.75 mL.75 mL
23.5 mL.5 mL.75 mL.75 mL
24.5 mL.5 mL.75 mL.75 mL
25.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL
26.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL
27.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL
28.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL.5 mL
Dr. Jay Flottman

Dr. Jay Flottman

Dr. Jay Flottmann is a physician in Panama City, FL. He received his medical degree from University of Texas Medical Branch and has been in practice 21 years. He is experienced in military medicine, an FAA medical examiner, human performance expert, and fighter pilot. Professionally, I am a medical doctor (M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston), a fighter pilot (United States Air Force trained – F-15C/F-22/AT-38C), and entrepreneur.

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